Custom Renovations
A custom renovation can simply mean refreshing a dated space, like an older home in need of updating or creating unique focal points that add character to your residence. With our free design consultation which includes 3D virtual designing, we can quickly and effectively assess your vision. The ultimate goal is to fully understand what renovation will add the most comfort and value to your home.

Kitchens are the heart of a household. It’s a place families gather, spend a considerable amount of time; prepping, cooking, entertaining and having meals together. It’s a space that typically adds the most value to a home. Kitchen renovations can include but are not limited to, new counters, custom cabinetry, islands, appliance installations, lighting, painting, tile work and even heated flooring. The possibilities and customization options are nearly limitless.

Bathroom renovations represent the second most valuable renovation in adding equity and appeal to a home. The right design, including custom frameless showers, free standing tubs, and floating vanities with the right tile/paint combinations can create the perfect sanctuary. If your vision is to simply create a new bathroom where there wasn’t one before, or upgrade an outdated bathroom to be more efficient and up to date. Royal Renos can find a solution to fit any budget.

Custom wall units can turn a standard family room into a major feature of a home. They can be the home to trophies, pictures, books or collectibles. More recently, they have become entertainment focal points with stone accents, built-in fireplaces, TVs and hidden storage for multimedia components. Wall units can be created to suit your needs in basements, living/dining rooms or even bedrooms. Picture what the ideal wall unit would be and let our design team help make that a reality.

Decks can enhance your outdoor living space which can be used as both a retreat and an entertaining area. We can customize a deck to include custom benches, stairs, flower boxes, and even bars. If shade is what is required, pergolas or gazebos can be the solution. Royal Renos can execute the ideal transformation to your ordinary backyard and create your private oasis.

Location, Location, Location... Many clients simply love their neighbourhood for reasons such as school districts, local amenities or on a more personal level, having a strong attachment to their home. However, sometimes there is simply not enough square footage in the current home. Creating a custom addition can solve this problem while remaining in the desired neighbourhood. Royal Renos combined with their talented architects and engineers can build the ideal custom home/addition to meet and fulfill your desired needs. Each addition design is strictly specific and will reflect on what the homeowner is looking to achieve. Whether it is adding a garage, bedroom or even expanding the home twice its size. Additions are a perfect way to add square footage and build equity value.

Clear sightlines to other areas of a home can bring more natural light, eliminate unnecessary hallways and cluttered vibes, provide more security when watching children, or simply update an older design. However, knowing where and how to start can be a challenge. Load bearing walls or partition walls could open up major potential and possibilities to your existing home. Royal Renos can help get the design process started and ultimately make it a reality.

Staircases are not only an important functional part of a home but also a key feature of beauty when crafted with expert craftsmanship. They are not simply, bannisters, pickets and landings. Staircases are one of the first design focal points entering a home. By working with the current stair layout we can enhance the overall look and trend of your home. Whether you choose a modern, traditional, or contemporary design we will be sure to achieve the highest level in details and craftsmanship.

Windows and Doors are a key function in keeping a home warm and safe. Choosing the right design and colours will enhance the aesthetics that will create your one-of-a-kind home. In working with Royal Renos designers and experts, upgrading windows and doors can also make your home more energy efficient but also decrease the risk of any water damage.

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